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Didactics, Team development and Communication
are close to my heart

I stimulate and open rooms for my participants to discover new things or refresh known content. The How is often more important than the What, and above all is the Why. With this focus in my trainings I facilitate the acquisition of applicable skills.

I express my joy for communication on various levels, the joint performance of a team headed by inspiring team leadership, and contemporary and inspiring higher education that facilitats our students to become knowledgable and capable of decision making representatives in their field of expertise.


Inspiration, Active learning methods and Guidance
for the best possible development of our students

I do have many years of experience in lecturing in higher education in the fields of chemistry, physics, and engineering, and in working with studetns on an international level.
My lecturing concepts are created for the best possible development of our students within the time and energy provided by all involved.

My students shall grow to become inspired, knowledgeble and capable of decision making representatives of their field of expertise. The created learning environment shall provide everything they need for their development. When guided learning can be more individual and in direct contact, a better learning success is possible.


Vision, Creativity and Abstraction
creating knowledge

Vision is based on unerstanding the present knowledge and concepts. Recognize what it needs to gain a deeper level of understanding or re-thinking concepts in a completely different way. My research is based on relating knowledge interdisciplinary and expanding the parameter space in order to validate or disprove current assumptions. Through a rational analysis of plausibility and interdisciplinary applicability of present concepts new knowledge may result.

I do have brought research expertice in the field of heterogeneous catalysis and characterisation methods. My research focus is dedicated to kinetics in heterogeneous catalysis. It is in my understanding, that the time is right for a new concept for this fascinating phenomenon.

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