In my trainings I want to contribute to the continuous development of all participants. The focus is on applicable skills, such as methods, concepts or mindset.

I am at your service for the following topics. Additionally, I am happy to develop together with you new topics, concepts and ideas that fit best your needs. All trainings are offered in German and English.
  • Layers of reflexion in higher education (⇒ workshop concept)
  • Examination – The focus on students‘ development
  • Activating learning methods: Problem-based, Project-based, Research-based learning
  • Focus for Success – How I create this myself as a student (⇒ workshop concept)
  • Performing in an scientific environment
  • Communication – Master all layers
  • Presentation skills – Inspire visually and physically
  • Team development and Team leadership – Essential skills for successful team performance
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

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